Gothic Courtyard

Within the heart of the Chateau – the Gothic Courtyard provides a solid haven for the ceremony; the cooler temperatures being much appreciated during the southern French summer.  The thick walls and arches provide excellent acoustics for the ceremony’s speakers and music system or musicians.  The ambiance has been likened to that of an ancient church.

The courtyard has the symbol of the Knights of the Templar at the entrance to the central door.  Here is where the Lord’s prayer was recited to bless the home before entering.  Through its Gothic arches can be seen the original arrow slits.  The mullioned windows above the courtyard provide a perfect angle for ceremony photographs from above.  The bridal party has three different entrances through which they can arrive at the ceremony, often choosing the main arched entrance and ringing the large chateau bell as they enter.

The courtyard has sufficient seating space for 100 guests.