Brametourte Chapel


The Chapel ownership has now transferred to the village and it may not be possible to use it for weddings or services. We are looking in to this and will update the site when the situation is clarified.

The Brametourte Chapel provides a traditional option for the service.  Situated 10 minutes’ walk from the Chateau and built in the 19th century, this chapel is rarely used today but provides a majestic and holy atmosphere within which the service can take place.

The bell tower at the back of the church provides an excellent viewing position from which to take photographs.

The chapel can be viewed through the Gothic window of the chateau’s honeymoon suite.  A wedding procession can be organised back to the Chateau for the canapes and banquet, through the gates and up the tree-lined avenue.  The French tradition is that all the cars must continually honk their horns on the way back from the ceremony.  This creates quite a spectacular noise across the normally peaceful valley!

The chapel has sufficient seating space for 140 guests.