Wedding Service Options

Chateau de Brametourte provides three stunning location options for the wedding ceremony.

Firstly – within the heart of the Chateau – the Gothic Courtyard provides a solid haven for the ceremony; the cooler temperatures being much appreciated during the southern French summer.  The thick walls and arches provide excellent acoustics for the ceremony speakers and music system.  The ambiance has been likened to that of an ancient church.

Secondly – the Summer Gardens, in front of the Chateau, provides a stunning back drop to the ceremony.  Shaded by ancient pines, the view opens out across sun-flowered fields to the Montagne Noir and the Pyrenees in the distance.  A gentle hill-top breeze, background music and the splash of the 17th century fountain, provides the setting for mounting excitement as the wedding guests wait for the ceremony to begin.

Thirdly – the Camino de Santiago Shrine, at the bottom of the Chateau’s tree lined avenue, dating from the 12th century, provides an exciting alternative venue.  The Shrine is built around a pure water source and provided a refuge for pilgrims en route to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in North-West Spain.  The wedding guests are seated beneath two huge, holy yew trees for the ceremony.  Local tradition has it that the Shrine is also a magical place that stimulates fertility and virility.